Bionic Cat

Apple-Certified Macintosh Consulting



Certified hypoallergenic & friendly too!




Certified hypoallergenic & friendly too!

In a nutshell, Bionic Cat provides planning, care and feeding for your Macintosh and network setup, but click on any title for a bit more information....

Macintosh Desktop Consulting

OS X desktop setups, upgrades, installations, troubleshooting and ongoing maintenance.

For example:

  • We'll help you spec out what you need to set up your office or upgrade your existing setup.

  • We'll help you pick out your perfect new Macintosh and transfer all your applications and documents from your old computer to your new one.

  • We'll upgrade your current Mac from 10.4 to 10.5 while maintaining all your settings and applications.

  • We do Windows! Perhaps you've heard that new Macs can run Windows. Indeed it's true! We'll set you up with the best of both worlds.

  • We'll help you pick up and install a bigger hard drive or add more memory to your existing Mac.

  • There's a whole world of lovely go-fasters and geekery hidden inside your Mac. We'll help you uncover it!

  • We can troubleshoot a Mac-gone-mad and whip it back into shape.

  • We'll do our best to rescue your data from a failing or failed hard drive (and then encourage you to begin a backup routine).

Macintosh Server Consulting

OS X server setups, upgrades, installations, troubleshooting and ongoing maintenance.

For example:

  • Does your small business need a reliable and affordable (read: no Microsoft-like per-seat licenses) file, web, mail or VPN solution? We'll help you decide if OS X Server is a fit for you and help you get it set up and running.

  • We'll help you design a backup solution that's right for your budget and peace of mind!


No computer is an island (except the really boring ones).

In your home or at your business, we can help you network your Mac and Windows machines together to share resources and connect to the internet. Wired or wireless, you chose (or we'll help you chose).

Looking for a way to securely access your files wherever you might be? We'll set you up with an affordable VPN (virtual private network) solution to enable you to access anything on your network from home, Starbucks or Timbuktu!

Domain & Email Hosting Setup

When you outgrow your email address....

So you may not need a super fancy website, but you or your company may want to have your own domain name (eg. and email addresses to go along with it. We'll help you purchase and setup a custom domain name find an appropriate web and e-mail-hosting provider. If you need a holding page for your site, we can help out. When you need something more involved, we'll happily refer you on to some whiz-bang web developers.

You don't have to suffer with that or email address any longer! =^..^=

Mac Miscellany

There's a microcosm in every Macintosh

We don't know everything, but we do possess two very powerful skills: knowledge of the Macintosh and analytical skills garnered from our liberal- arts education. What this means is that we can troubleshoot just about any Macintosh issue from the bizarre to banal.
And we'll do it with aplomb and with catlike agility!

Have an issue that defies normalcy? Give us a call and we'll tell you truthfully whether we can handle it.

Welcome Windows Switchers!

You don't have to give up Windows to switch to a Mac.

Odd as it may seem, Windows and the Mac OS can peacefully coexist on the same Apple computer. If you don't want to give up on your favorite Windows programs, you can have the best of both worlds now. We can set you up and show you how.

Clearly, we're unabashed Mac lovers, but we do understand Windows. Take our word for it. You'll prefer Mac over Windows. In fact, we'll give any switcher one hour of free Mac training (assuming, of course, you hire us to help you make the switch)!